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Prepare and Enrich Training

Prepare-Enrich is the most effective and comprehensive Pre-marriage and Marriage assessment tool available anywhere. For just $35 a couple can take the complete assessment and connect with a Facilitator and get equipped to have the best marriage possibleYou can become a facilitator either by: 
1. Attending a live training
2. Hosting a live training at your church
3. Or you can use this discount code (PREPARE-TRAIN-RJECCH2)  and get trained online at a greatly reduced rate. For more information about this program click HERE If you would like to schedule a consultation click HERE

Couples Communication Training

More than 1.4 million people around the world have gained communication skills for a more satisfying relationship through Couple communication. Discover how effective talking and listening skills and processes can give you a better life together. 

Couples Communication is an award-winning relationship education program teaches participants to:

  • Becoming Better Communicators

  • Improve Talking And Listening Skills

  • Seek Collaborative Conflict Resolution And Manage Anger

  • Build Satisfying Relationships With Family, Friends And Co-Workers

You can schedule a Couple’s Communication Training by clicking HERE

Healthy Church Assessment

Dwayne has been a certified Church Consultant for nearly 10 years. Helping churches become healthy is one of His passions. This consultation can be done for any size church and results are guaranteed when the prescription for the church is followed. Consultations designed to be affordable for all churches are available for a fraction of the cost with the same fruitful results. If you would like more information or to schedule a Consultation please click HERE

Speaking Engagement

Dwayne travels extensively in the US and abroad sharing with large and small groups. If you would like to schedule him for a speaking engagement please click HERE