Frequently Asked Questions


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What if I have trouble signing up? 

our signup process should be very smooth and seamless. If you have trouble check your incoming email for verification. If you did not receive an email, please try signing up again. If the problem persists, please contact us at: 

How do I respond to a request for a Conversation?

You should receive a notification of the request for a session. If you have not please check that you notifications are turned on. Once you have responded and clicked ready your party will receive the notification and the process can begin. 

Why am I not getting a notification when someone wants to begin a conversation with me?

Turn on your notification tab in the RSLV app.

Can I use RSLV with my children? 

Absolutely! These steps are designed to help children learn basic communication skills and have better and healthier relationships earlier in life. RSLV is designed to work in almost any environment. Go ahead give it a try at work with a co-worker, at home with your spouse, sibling or your pet (just kidding here)

How do I change the color of my RSLV app profile

Click on settings then click on “Color scheme” you have 3 options, blue with white, blue with black or pin with white. Enjoy customizing your own RSLV app.

What if I don’t like the counselor I have been in touch with?

You always have the option to choose a different Counselor. Not all personalities mesh well together. Please feel free to call in or click and make another choice. 

How do I begin a conflict resolution conversation?

Once you have downloaded RSLV app signup and follow the steps. Once signed up you can now invite someone by clicking on the blue dot with the + sign in the bottom right of the app. Define the issue and add the persons email address. Then click “start immediately” or “Schedule”. You also have the option to choose a location in maps or click box the says “Session on devices” (not in person). Your party will receive an email with the request and must respond to the request. When they respond the session will then move to “sessions” in the app. When you have clicked ready you can begin your 8-step conflict resolution process. Remember you can type or click the microphone button and speak what you wish to say. If you are face to face with your party, you can speak to them directly and just follow the 8-steps as a guide.

Can I use RSLV with someone who is not in the United States?

Yes you can. It will work with anyone as long as you have a common language and if not, google translate can even help out with that.

What do we do if our conversation has failed?

This does happen as you are developing these skills or maybe sometimes because we hit the wrong button at the wrong time. I would suggest working through the same conflict again. Practice makes perfect. Pay attention to your emotions, if they are hindering your progress take a time-out. Remember most of what we are learning are skills not heart issues.

What do the Personal Personality sliders do?

Not a thing at this point but they will be a very important part of a near future update. 

How is RSLV App able to be free and free on those annoying popup ads?

I’m glad you asked. RSLV App was designed solely to help people live more full and complete lives through healthier relationships with those in their lives. Therefore, no venture capitalists were sought out. RSLV App chose to move to market as a non-profit to keep the app free with no annoying pop-up ads. To do this we needed sponsors. Those who saw the value of RSLV app to this generation and who believed in it enough to help make it possible for you to enjoy free of charge. You can see a list of those sponsoring RSLV app here: ( Sponsors)