“Better lives are built on better relationships”

-Dwayne Deskins


Dwayne & Janna Deskins
Founder & CEO

“Dwayne & Janna Deskins have nearly 45 years together. Having the privilege of being best friends growing up then moving their relationship to the dating life. They now have 38 years of married life together and they enjoy a full family which includes two beautiful daughters, 2 sons-in-love and 7 grandchildren. Their passion for people has led them to serving in many capacities through the years. In this journey they have not only recognized healthy relationships as the core foundation to a healthy life, they have also developed and been certified in a number of relational tools through the years to help people experience better relationships for themselves. RSLV app is the latest tool and brings with it those 40 + years of experience in life and relationships.”

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