“We are often just one meaningful conversation away from a better relationship and therefore a better life.”

-Dwayne Deskins


Resolve’s Purpose

To help you live a more full and fulfilled life through navigating conflict in the relationships that matter to you.

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What Is Resolve?

RLSV is a free app available on both the App Store and Google play that is specifically designed to help you simplify the process of solving conflict in the relationships that matter to you.




Better lives are built by building better relationships around us.

— Dwayne Deskins


This Unique Tool Can Help You Resolve Key Issues…



Overview of Resolve app

Resolve app is an 8-step conflict resolution process that can be used from across the table or across the country. (By the way other countries available soon).  With each step you can communicate directly or by text…

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Resolve Resources

The first step in Healthy communication is listening not speaking. We are not good listeners by nature. Even when we are speaking the same language, we often misunderstand…

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